dinsdag 20 februari 2018

Demon Lover

Oh, where have you been, my long, long love, this seven years and more?
Oh, I've come to seek my former vows Ye granted me before.

Oh, do not speak of your former vows, For they will breed sad strife;
Oh, do not speak of your former vows, For I have become a wife.

He turned him right and round about,, And the tear blinded his ee:
I would never have trodden on this ground If it had not been for thee.

If I was to leave my husband dear, And my two babes also,
Oh, what have you to take me to, If with you I should go?

I have seven ships upon the sea--- The eighth brought me to land---
With four-and-twenty bold mariners, And music on every hand.

She has taken up her two little babes, Kissed them on cheek and chin:
Oh, fare ye well, my own two babes, For I'll never see you again.

She set her foot upon the ship--- No mariners could she behold;
But the sails were of the teffeta, And the masts of the beaten gold.

She had not sailed a league, a league, A league but barely three,
When dismal grew his countenance, And drumlie grew his ee.

They had not sailed a league, a league, A league but barely three,
Until she espied his cloven foot, And she wept right bitterly.

Oh, hold your tongue of your weeping, said he, Of your weeping now let me be;
I will show you how the lilies grow On the banks of Italy.

Oh, what hills are yon, yon pleasant hills, That the sun shines sweetly on?
Oh, yon are the hills of heaven, he said,, Where you will never win.

Oh, whaten a mountain is yon, she said, So dreary with frost and snow?
Oh, yon is the mountain of hell, he cried, Where you and I will go.

He struck the top-mast with his hand, The fore-mast with his knee;
And he broke that gallant ship in twain, And sank her in the sea.

Author Unknown

woensdag 14 februari 2018

maandag 12 februari 2018


Vandaag beginnen ons trainingsprogramma. Dat betekent elke dag een stuk wandelen. We beginnen met 3 km (een klein rondje) maar we zullen toch spoedig overgaag op 4,6 km (het normale c.q. grote rondje). Als dat allemaal soepeltjes gaat dan breiden we het rondje mogelijkerwijs verder uit.

Ziek zijn, genezen en beter worden
  • SideQuest: het takkenproject:-)

zondag 11 februari 2018

The Gerudo Tower

Die Gerudo Tower is aan de hoge kant...:-) - Je kunt er beter vanaf een hoog punt in de buurt naar toe paragliden. Dat is alvast gelukt...:-)

zaterdag 10 februari 2018

Woodland Tower | Zelda

"I did it the cheesy way, which is to climb to a high point on Death Mountain to the east and just paraglide my way to the tower."

vrijdag 9 februari 2018

donderdag 1 februari 2018

Trance Fusion - Frank Zappa

01. Chungas Revenge
02. Bowling On Charen
03. Good Lobna
04. A Cold Dark Matter
05. Butter Or Cannons
06. Ask Dr. Stupid
07. Scratch & Sniff
08. Trance-Fusion
09. Gorgo
10. Diplodocus
11. Soul Polka
12. For Guiseppe Franco
13. After Dinner Smoker
14. Light Is All That Matters
15. Finding Higgs Boson
16. Bavarian Sunset