donderdag 10 augustus 2017

BOSS - RV-6 reverb

    This is reverb combined with delay. The synergistic effect provides rich reverberation. 
    This reverb is distinctive for its sparkling high-frequency range. It produces fantasy-like reverberation wrapped in spacious overtones.
    This reverb automatically sets the depth of the effect according to your performance. It produces deep reverberation without blurring the overall shape of your playing.
  • ROOM
    This reverb simulates the reverberation of a room. It produces warm reverberation.
  • HALL
    This reverb simulates the reverberation of a hall. It produces clear and spacious reverberation.
    This simulates a plate reverb (a reverb unit that uses the vibration of a metal plate). It produces metallic-sounding reverberation with an extended high-frequency range.
    This simulates a spring reverb built into a guitar amp.
    This reverb adds modulation to hall reverb, producing extremely good-feeling reverberation. 

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