zondag 25 juni 2017

Top 20 mythes in het onderwijs

Let's keep this simple.... click on each title to get full critique...
  1. Leadership We’re all leaders now, rendering the word meaningless
  2. Emotional Intelligence Dodgy adjective pushing an even dodgier noun
  3. Learning styles An intuition gone bad.
  4. Myers-Briggs Shoddy and unprofessional judgements on others.
  5. Learning objectives Bore learners senseless at the start of every course. 
  6. Microlearning Another unnecessary concept.
  7. Maslow's hierarchy Coloured slide looks good in Powerpoint.
  8. Diversity Inconvenient truths (research) show it's wrong-headed.
  9. NLP No Longer Plausible: training’s shameful, fraudulent cult?
  10. Mindfulness Yet another mindless fad.
  11. Social constructivism Inefficient, inhibiting and harmful fiction.
  12. 21st C skills They're so last century!
  13. Values Don't be a dick! - the rest is hubris. 
  14. Piaget Got nothing right and poor scientist.
  15. Kirkpatrick Old theory, no longer relevant.
  16. Mitra's Hole-in-the-wall Not what it seems!
  17. Mitra's SOLE 10 reasons why it is wrong.
  18. Ken Robinson Creative with the truth.
  19. Gamification Playing Pavlov with learners?
  20. Data Analytics Do bears shit in the woods?


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